1. Update TranslationStudio to the latest version

1.1. TranslationStudio Application

The update process is quite simple.

  1. Stop the application

  2. Remove the JAR files from the ./lib folder (except those you added manually!).

  3. Deploy all TranslationStudio JAR files from your installation package to the application’s folder.

  4. Start TranslationStudio again.

Do not forget to update translationstudio.jar.

You can test if your update was successfully by starting TranslationStudio in console mode via ./translationstudio console or by executing console.bat.

It is a good idea to backup the TranslationStudio database and the configuration stored in the ./conf directory.

Please check if the file api-key.local exists in your ./conf directory. If it does not exist, TranslationStudio creates this file automatically.

The api key is necessary for FirstSpirit to send data to the TranslationStudio Application.

1.2. TranslationStudio Connectors

Please make sure to also update any connector if necessary.

Unless you implemented your own connectors, the TranslationStudio connector’s will be updated automatically whenever you update the application.

Therefore, you are (usually) only required to install/update the connector’s FirstSpirit modules via the ServerManager application.

1.3. TranslationStudio Module

You have to update TranslationStudio’s CMS module and any connector you have been using.