1. General Information



8 or 11


5.2.200410 or newer, isolated mode and FragmentCreator support

2. Update Information

Deploy the FSM and update its uses.

TranslationStudio’s language mapping templates will be updated from the deprecated FS_LIST to FS_CATALOG input component automatically. Unfortunately, the existing values cannot be stored and will have to be edited and saved manually.

TranslationStudio only supports the FirstSpirit isolated mode.

2.1. Updating from versions prior 201111

The FirstSpirit workflows have been replaced by updated, more adaptable workflows with added transitions. Permissions have to be granted to use these workflows

Previous TranslationStudio workflows will not send translation requests to the TranslationStudio application anymore and have to be removed from your system manually.

3. New Features

The following features have been added.



Translation workflows will evaluate permissions of language mappings to decide if they are to be shown or not (if set at all).


Monitoring tools update to project status gui.


Source and target language selection optionally with dropdown multiselect instead of checkboxes.


Monitoring project component allows to edit translation status information and match them against FirstSpirit projects.


It is possible to overwrite the connector’s project as set in the language mappings via the configuration page.


Machine translation connectors sort languages alphabetically.

DeepL connector provides list of avilable source and target languge codes.


New monitoring interface added (project component)


The report shows connector projects with associated files instead of generic TMS ids


Page-based translation status information are grouped by type and in chunks of 4 to reduce the occupied space


Metrics report item also shows TranslationStudio application version

Configuration page lets you hide the due date, translation type and workflow content area pages as well


Limit access to TranslationHelper in ContentCreator


Restructuring of connectors configuration panel

Set connection timeout when connecting to TranslationStudio

New across connector creates projects instead of duplicating existing ones

Old across connector (duplicats projects) deprecated


Rename TranslationHelper confirmation button to clarify subsequent step

Customise translation workflow submit button via configuration page

Add word count to translation request


TranslationStudio report sorts entries in descending order to list most recently updated elements first.


You may decide to only submit released translation requests to TranslationStudio


Custom configuration template supports preview page creation flag.


Custom messages can be sent to TranslationStudio via dedicated REST endpoint.

ContentCreator icon updates.

ContentCreator allows to fetch translation status information for sections.


You can configure the workflow forms more easily (changing labels, etc.).

Connector discovery finds TranslationStudio connectors automatically now.

TranslationStudio API access available.


It is possible to skip the analysis of potentially problematic reference names by adding the project property pp_translationstudio_skip_uid_analysis of type CMS_INPUT_TOGGLE.

New tutorial added to the documentation showing how to create custom scripts to send custom requests to TranslationStudio.

New connector events.

Maximum number of pages/datasources per job can be configured per quota.


Translation request form allows to select source/target language mappings via checkbox instead of FS_REFERENCE to allow for more flexibility.

Workflows have a dedicated "execute scheduled task" script to allow to adapt the workflow process in general.

Configuration form now allows to configure how often translatable xml files should be processed unsuccessfully before finally being dumped to avoid infinite retries.

You can remove "Translation Memory System" items from the report filter by adding the project property pp_translationstudio_report_tms of type CMS_INPUT_TOGGLE

You can foce TranslationStudio to only transfer released translation requests to the TranslationStudio Application.


The translation request form allows to select multiple target language mappings to reduce complexity


Page-based translation status information added to FirstSpirit module

FragmentCreator support

Hooks can be configured using the configuration panel

4. Fixed Issues

The following features have been fixed.



Installer searchers for scripts and templates by uid/name (faster) and only if that fails via iterating over all scripts/templates (slower).


Multiple langauge mappings will not be ignored when translating datasets.


Fixed transition permissions of the Translate dataset worfklow.


Dataset translation workflow does not fail if an entity is added twice.


Dataset may use word counting.


Workflow transitions all set to "Change" permission from element by default to avoid permission issues.


Metadata updates failed (HELP-54037).


Configuration page permission exception handling.


Deprecated translation workflows do not generate preview pages.


AccessAPI exceptions during installation handled.


TranslationStudio denied translation of datasets with incomplete language mappings.

FS-Report preview links use target language instead of master language.

FS-Report could produce NPE if FirstSpirit page had been deleted


Potential NullPointerException fixed (HELP-50220)


Automatic installation failed when schema already existed.


Module class loading issues resolved.


Script templates are set to template type to avoid accessibility.

Translation request from label "Complete Translation until" renamed to "Due date".

Manually set form defaults of the translation request forms will not be overwritten after an update.


SiteArchitect will cache configured connector project lists for 1min to improve performance.

Automatic update via distribution settings fixed.


Order of template installation changed

5. Known Issues

Due to FS_LIST deprecation, TranslationStudio Version 4.2.0+ migrated from FS_LIST to FS_CATALOG.

Therefore, all language mapping instances (global content pages) may have to be updated again manually. If translatable XML files contain FS_LISTs, you have to wait until they are imported again before changing the input components to FS_CATALOG.

TranslationStudio requires page and section reference names to be lowercase alphanumeric and to (optionally) have a underscore character. This pattern will be used automatically when creating new pages or sections using ContentCreator or SiteArchitect. If you create sections or pages using the FirstSpirit API, you have to guarantee this pattern yourself. Elements not following this pattern will not be processed by TranslationStudio.

6. Acknowledgements

Due to the internal processing of FS_LIST and FS_CATALOG input components and potential non-existing fields in XML files using FirstSpirit’s filesystem synchronisation feature, it might be necessary to overwrite the target language xml file with the source’s original and replace its target fields. Therefore, changes made to the target language’s fields might be overwritten, e.g. manually added list entries. However, it is possible to restore previous versions using FirstSpirit’s version history.

7. Help

The Technical Support of the e-Spirit AG provides expert technical support to customers and partners covering any topic related to the FirstSpirit product. You can get and find more help concerning relevant topics in the FirstSpirit community.